10-Spot and Little Fiver races Postponed

Due to muddy trails, I’ve decided to postpone the Bear Creek 10-Spot and Little Fiver trail races to Nov 4, 2012.

Bear Creek Lake Park (BCLP) does not allow races on muddy trails. For those who did the 2009 version of this race, it was a few days after a snow storm, and the trails were soft and muddy in spots. After the race, the park got a lot of complaints about the condition of the trails. Thus, they’ve modified their rules on trail races, foot or bike, to protect the trails. The permit states that they may cancel a trail event if it’s muddy, even the morning of the event.

As of Friday evening, the trails were way too muddy. They should dry out a lot on Saturday, but chances are they will still be muddy on Sunday. Even if they do end up being dry enough on Sunday morning, I can’t wait until the last minute to make a decision

I respect the park’s decision to protect the trails. Colorado trails are vulnerable to erosion. Use when they’re wet speeds erosion. BCLP has done a lot of work over the last few years to realign and rebuild damaged trails. BCLP is one of the easier trail venues to work with. That’s why there has been a tremendous increase in the number of events there over the last several years. They need to balance the demand for events with protecting park resources, and public use of the facilities.

The other option I considered was to make it a road race instead. I do have a course, using paved park roads and bike paths, that would be a little short of 10mi for the 10-Spot, and a little long of 5km for the Little Fiver. However, planning and setting up those courses is more difficult and time consuming. I have four week old twins, so I have much less time available. Also, I didn’t advertise that an alternate road course would be used if the trails were muddy, like I have with my spring Mt. Carbon race. So, while some of you may have preferred racing on pavement on the 28th, I think most are in it for the dirt and trails.

There is no way to please everyone. I apologize if you are unable to make it on Nov 4th.

For those who can’t race on Nov 4th, I will offer you either a refund, credit towards one of my races next year in the amount of what you paid +$5, or you can transfer your entry to a friend for no additional fee. Either way, I must hear from you by Nov 1.

Get more info on refunds, transfers and credits at http://www.runuphillracing.com/race/BCLPReschedule12.html

Thanks for your understanding. I hope to see you next weekend.